Used Car Dealers – How to Find Cheap Cars to Resell

Car auctions are some of the best ways to get new or used cars at great prices. As there is no fixed price, you can get a car at any price as long as it is the maximum bidder and has reached the highest bid amount. Car auctions are a wonderful way to save thousands of dollars on a used car. Car auctions are a lot of fun and some people just go to see how much they are selling cars. It’s great to meet and talk to other car dealers and get decent deals on cars for reselling.

Are you a newly used car dealer considering to expand your inventory? If so, you are looking to purchase cheap cars that you can resell for profit. Sounds pretty easy, but how can you start?

Auto Auctions

It’s no secret that most used car dealers get their vehicles from automotive auctions. The great news is that you will find many auctions to choose from. For instance, you can find a general car auction in your immediate area and then have a dealership auction are allowed to bid. The only disadvantages are transport problems and non-guarantees. You can leave without cheap vehicles to resell or ten of them, but do you have a plan to take them back to your dealership?


There are a number of websites buying a car online, however, often these listings come from merchants like you. It might be in your best interest to focus your attention on online marketplaces or classified style websites. You should be able to find several cheap vehicles for sale by the owner who can buy and resell them on your for-profit lot. As you know, you will find some sellers who are asking for the suggested value as described in the Kelley Blue Book. This doesn’t leave much room for you to make a profit, but keep in mind that you are a used car dealer who was born to negotiate, so do it!


Some used car dealers prefer to stay away from exchanges since they tend to decrease their profits, but only if you are making the wrong trade-ins. To protect your business, your inventory and your finances, do not accept any vehicle as trade-ins; make sure it is in good shape. In addition, consider the problems you can solve. Let’s say you also act as an auto mechanic or have a repair shop on site, serviced by experts. A car that requires new brakes, new wheel bearings and a fixed dent may not be an ideal choice for a car buyer, but it can offer a low exchange value, repair the car and resell it for profit!

As you can see, you as a car dealer have a variety of options if it comes to stocking your dealership lot. When you decide to use the Internet, consider investing in a desktop car finder that allows you to search thousands of websites those vehicle search sites and classified websites at the same time. You can save money in the long run, save time and eliminate problems.

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