Salvage Cars Auction – Buyer Beware

Many people hesitate to buy salvage cars because they think they are just poor-quality vehicles that nobody wants to buy. But this is not totally true. By making use of the 4 tips that I will reveal in this article, you can make sure that you will get great purchases at any salvage car auction. You see, there are smart strategies you can use, and once you do, you will recognize that you can have a great deal on a vehicle.

You may have heard regarding public auctions of salvage cars through a friend or have seen something about them online. They are an excellent way to find your next new car. But do not dive headfirst without knowing what you have or you can burn yourself. Take a look at the following list of frequently asked questions to help you along the way.

What Are Salvage Cars?

Salvage vehicles are cars that have suffered an accident, flood or fire and that the insurance company of the last owner considered total. Therefore, even though you can save a couple of $ 1500 by buying a public salvage auto auction, you will have to do a few repairs on the car you end up buying.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Buying a Salvaged Car?

Some of the benefits are saving a couple of thousands or hundreds of dollars on a comparatively new car and do not have to haggle with a dealership. Some of the disadvantages are not the possibility of obtaining full liability car insurance, having to make repairs that may be expensive and don’t ever actually knowing why the car received salvage title in the first place.

How Much Do the Cars Cost There?

It all depends on what salvage car auction goes, the kind of car and how many people are making an offer. But you will generally pay as a minimum a couple of thousand dollars less than you would at a car dealer and much less than you would expect at a regular auto auction as most cars for sale require repairs. See more.

 Where Can I Find One in My Area?

In your area, you can get a list of a couple of salvage auto auctions by using an auto auction listing service. They provide you the name, address, phone number and website of some car auctions near you in a matter of minutes.


Currently that you have a better understanding of public salvage car auctions, all you have to do is discover one near you and drive the lot in your new car. As a review, salvage cars are those that have been tagged by insurance companies that you can purchase at auto auctions at a very low price. Some of the pros and cons of purchasing one are saving tons of time and money as well as having to make repairs. Also, you can get information about the people closest to you by using an auto auction list service, which will save you money and time as well.