How You Can Get Your Next Car From a Dealer’s Auto Auction

Today more people are turning to car auction to find themselves rides at a cheap price. Car auction is one of the ways to buy a used car which is sometime overlooked. A successful day at a car auction can get you a decent car at a cheap price; however, there are a lot of ways this can turn sour. In order to avoid being duped of your hard earned money, learn how you can get your next car from a dealer’s auto auction by following these steps.

Read the Auction Catalog

When buying a car from an auto auction, it is important to read the auction catalog or the online version very closely. The model of the car you intend to buy may be famous but what is the history behind it? There are some questions that need to be asked such as: does it have a complete ownership trail, do the numbers match, is it a tribute or a recreation?

Attend the Auction

It is possible to bid online but it is not a good idea to buy a car at an auction without prior inspection. Have you ever seen anyone buy a vehicle at an auction and it was better than expected?

Register Early

Another important tip is to register early as a bidder and show them an evidence that you have the money to buy a car. For this you will need a credit card or bank statement. You would also be expected to sign a corny that discloses the buyer’s premium (this is a fee added to the winning bid). If you show up late to a car auction you may miss the car you want. It is a good idea to get the list of the order of the cars at sign in so you can calculate when the ones you are interested in will cross the block.

Examine Each Car Closely

You need to examine the car closely to see if it is original or with the correct color. Take an expert with you or educate yourself on the model. Look beyond the shine of the car and examine the details very carefully.


The best place to bid is where you can be seen by the auction ring men. They are the ones that watch the crowd, so ensure you are fairly close so that you and your paddle can be seen. Joining the bidding late and hanging at the back can work at times but it can also lead to bidding suede as people might think they are missing a bet. When bidding at auctions, it is important to set your top price and don’t go above it. Click here.


Auto auction houses are known to have reputable shippers who can help to transport the car in an enclosed trailer. It is not a good idea to drive a car you just bought at the auction yourself so as not to get stuck in the boonies with big repair bills.

There is still a sales tax you are going to pay; this takes effect where the car is going to be registered. This tax does not, however, apply to all states as there are some states that do not charge this tax so hopefully, your state is one of them.